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The main tracking room is 25 x 40 with a sound stage. It was carefully designed by computer to feature the ambience musicians want in a room yet maintain the feel of a live club... which optimizes the feel of the entire recording process.

Likewise, for more intimate or multi-tracked projects, we feature 3 iso rooms for complete separation when miking. The studio features 56 total inputs throughout. JBL playback monitors and up to 8 different headphone sends are available in the tracking rooms.

The room can easily accommodate rock and jazz bands, chamber musicians, big bands, and choral groups.

  • 7 ft. Baldwin grand piano with German Renner action. This piano was hand picked at the Baldwin factory for it's superb must hear it to believe it!
  • Hammond B-3 a.k.a. (aunt B) (the king)
    Two Leslies... a.k.a. (Leslie East and Leslie West)
  • Analog synth heaven:
    Prophet 5
    Oberheim OBX
    Roland TB-303
    Roland CR-1000
    Korg Poly Six
  • Many other samplers and digital synths including
  • Yamaha Motif ES8
  • Yamaha S90ES
  • Kurzweil PC88 MX
  • Kurzweil K-2000
  • Ensoniq ASR-10, EPS, Mirage, EPS-16
  • Korg M1-R
  • E-Mu Proteus 2000
  • Roland RD-600
  • Roland JV-1010
  • Roland JV-1020
  • MOTU - Mach 5
  • Garritan GPO


The 15 x 15 control room houses the AMEK 40 x 24 console and Pro Tool/24 system. Complete MIDI programming is available with 88 key controller, MOTU Digital Performer, with rack mounted synths and samplers. Monitoring is by UREI, Yamaha, and Auratone. All effects are housed in a convenient island that facilitates client comfort for mixing.


Chill out between sessions in our kitchen/lounge.