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DATA MUSIC SERVICES is owned and operated by David Villani. Dave holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz/Arranging composition from Temple University/Philadelphia and a Master of Arts degree in Theory/Composition from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dave has also studied musical acoustics at North Texas State University and electronic music with Dr. Robert Moog, (world renowned inventor of the Moog synthesizer) at the University of North Carolina/Asheville. While at Temple University, Dave studied computer music programming (UNIX on a DEC PDP11) and got into MIDI when the spec was introduced in 1983. Dave's long term professional experience with the most common programs used in recording studios and his strong creative abilities are among the many reasons clients choose DATA MUSIC SERVICES. Dave has used MOTU Performer/Digital Performer since version 1, (1985) Finale since version 1 (1988), Digidesign Sound Tools since version 1 (1989), and Pro Tools since version 1 (1991). As a dealer and consultant for over 1600 music tech and pro audio products, Dave maintains a current pulse on an ever changing industry.

An experienced performer, keyboardist, pianist, MIDI programmer and producer, Dave's original compositions and arrangements have been used throughout the country. Dave has been recording and engineering music for over twenty years. The studio started as a small 4 track analog facility and quickly grew to 8 track and then 24 track 2 inch analog. Along the way as new digital technologies were introduced, they were added as well. The studio outlived 4 other sites before settling into the current facility, a former night club, in 1994.

It was designed with optimal goals for sound, technology, visual sight lines, and comfort in mind. Clients typically comment on the easy vibe and comfort level when working at the studio. 2006 will see the twentieth anniversary of the studio. In addition to his studio duties, Dave is an instructor at Penn State/Altoona, where he teaches Advanced Audio and the History of Jazz.