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Our goal is to provide the very best recording atmosphere and equipment at a very reasonable cost. With over 12 years experience, we give your project the ears and knowledge to make it top notch. As a leader in digital recording technology, we are proud that our facility was the first studio in Central Pennsylvania to offer:

Digital hard disk recording - 1990
Multi-track hard disk recording - 1991
CD Recording on site - 1994
ADAT to Pro Tools interface - 1996
Pro Tools/24 mastering with automation - 1998
Furthermore, we've been MIDI programmers since the MIDI spec was introduced. We've used MOTU Performer since Version 1.0 (1985) and have literally years and thousands of MIDI titles to our credit.


Multi-track recording for demo's and CD's
Pro Tools/24 mastering
MIDI programming for accompaniment tracks and shows
CD recording on site
Small run CD duplication. Quantities 1 to 300
Original music composed and produced for jingles/videos/industrials/AV presentations
Music notation services Music arranging and orchestration services
So there it is...The experience...the toys...the room...and the price...all in one convenient studio....

DATA MUSIC SERVICES...the best value for your recording dollar.